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Contact Rivets

  • Bimetal Contact Rivet

    Bimetal Contact Rivet

    Sell electrical Contact Rivet, Bimetal Rivet, Trimetal Rivet. bimetal rivet This contact has good electrical conductivity and its surface is not liable to oxidization. The addition of 3 - 28% copper may remarkably improve the silver's flame resistance.
  • Solid Contact rivet

    Solid Contact rivet

    Solid rivets are the most common permanent fastener used on aircraft skins and panels. Before application, they consist simply of a smooth shaft with a round, flat head at one end.We offer our Solid Silver Rivets that are good conductors of electricity.
  • Solid Contact Rivets

    Solid Contact Rivets

    Deliver punctually, quailty assurance ,Independent design of mould, timely feedback,Instead of customer testing,Analysis of priduct composition.
  • Tri-metal Contact rivet

    Tri-metal Contact rivet

    Tri-metal Contact Shanghai ZHJ technologies Co., Ltd.
    Its electrical stability is much better than riveting contact with its perfect image and position. By comparison with Welding Contact, it has short heat time and clean environment.