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    On Wednesday (November 9), LME silver maintained a volatile trend within the trading day. It opened at $21.29 per ounce today, the highest touched $21.46 per ounce, and the lowest touched $21.27 per ounce. As of press time, the silver price was reported at $21.30 per ounce, a decline https://www...
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  • The determination of rivet diameter, length and aperture

    When rivet, if rivet diameter is too large, upsetting forming is more difficult, easy to make sheet metal deformation.On the contrary, if the diameter of the rivet is too small, the strength of the rivet is insufficient, resulting in the increase of the number of rivets and the inconvenience of c...
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  • Composite silver contact details

    Composite silver contacts broadly refer to the electrical and electronic electrical electrical opening and closing, the intersection of separation and touch, because the metal conductor terminalinthery in the moment of touch simply produces instant heat and sparks, prompting its touch point in th...
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  • Gold and silver alloy wire, sterling silver wire and copper wire, which is better

    Hello, Welcome to Shanghai ZHJ Technologies CO.,Ltd.it is better if there are no conductors of the three materials. The amount of low-frequency copper wire is slightly larger, and the amount of high-frequency is relatively small, which will make the vertical sound field three-dimensional and have...
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  • Application Of Silver Alloy

    The main applications of silver alloys are: (1) Silver-based solder, mainly based on silver-copper-zinc alloy-based alloy series, such as AgCuZn series, AgCuZnCd series, AgCuZnNi series; silver Nickel alloy, silver copper alloy; An alloy containing 90% silver and 10% copper is called currency sil...
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  • The working performance of silver contact can be improved af

    In order to avoid the sake of silver contact burning, static contact terminal into a curved shape, intermediate contact protruding part. So the arc will not on the contact surface of the combustion. It is a kind of better contact form, and its application is increasingly extensive. The working pr...
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  • Energy is concentrated in the contact surface and in the nea

    Arc discharge process, arc root produces the thermal physical process due to concentrated energy release in the contact surface and near surface layer, caused by melting and evaporation of silver contact materials, this is silver contact electric ablation. In the breaking current small and short ...
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  • Relay contact protection and contact matters

    We know that the contact relay should be more cruel than the general Mosfet, the relay load is much larger than Mosfet. Common DC load DC motor, DC clutch and DC solenoid valves, these perceptual load switch is closed, hundreds or even thousands of volts of back electromotive force caused by the ...
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