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  • High-precision and flexible metal stamping factory

    High-precision and flexible metal stamping factory

    Stamping workshop SHZHJ has an independent mold R&D department and a professional team of experienced engineers. SHZHJ is well established as one of the premier precision metal stamping suppliers. Get A Quote Mold Studio Our experienced staff will work with you on all aspects of metal stamping. From design, prototyping, FAI, PPAP, low-volume production to mid- and high-volume stamping, we will manufacture components to your exact requirements. ...
  • Silver Alloy Wires

    Silver Alloy Wires

    We manufacture quality Silver Alloy Wire in different Alloys like AgCdo10, AgCdo12, AgNi10, AgNi12, AgSno2 10 etc. We also do customization of these Silver Alloy Wires as per the client’s specification, ensuring corrosion resistance, high level of thermal and electrical conductivity.
  • Bimetal Contact Rivet

    Bimetal Contact Rivet

    Sell electrical Contact Rivet, Bimetal Rivet, Trimetal Rivet. bimetal rivet This contact has good electrical conductivity and its surface is not liable to oxidization. The addition of 3 - 28% copper may remarkably improve the silver's flame resistance.
  • Electrical Contact Tips

    Electrical Contact Tips

    Silver cadmium oxide electrical contact material is widely used, the low melting point of contact in contacts of sublimation can make the cooling surface of contact, and at the same time quenching effect, prevent contact burning.
    AgSnO2, AgSnO2In2O3 contact has the advantages of high hardness, high resistance to fusion welding and resistance to burning etc..
    The material is the best environmental protection material to replace AgCdO.


    Deliver punctually, quailty assurance ,Independent design of mould, timely feedback,Instead of customer testing,Analysis of priduct composition.
  • Tri-metal Contact rivet

    Tri-metal Contact rivet

    The performance of tri-metal rivet is close to solid rivet, but it's more economical. It's widely used in low voltage electronic equipment. Such as switches, relays, contactors, controllers etc.
  • Welding Assembly

    Welding Assembly

    Welding Assembly simulation minimizes the cost throughout different phases of product development, such as designing, manufacturing planning, try-out, and fabrication validation.
  • Riveting Assembly

    Riveting Assembly

    Contact Assemblies. SHZHJ supplies a wide range of contact assemblies produced with a number of attachment techniques. Brazed assemblies are made with furnace, induction, resistance, and torch brazing processes. Contacts can also be riveted to the contact supports. SHZHJ produces assemblies with a wide range of contact support materials and forms.
  • Customized profiles

    Customized profiles

    SHZHJ produces a variety of contact and other customized profiles for various applications. We can fulfill most requirements for high voltage and propulsion system requirements. Whether it is for your EMD, GE or ALCO locomotive or your mining trucks, you need a reliable supplier, SHZHJ is the best choice for you and your company.
  • Solid Contact rivet

    Solid Contact rivet

    Solid rivets are the most common permanent fastener used on aircraft skins and panels. Before application, they consist simply of a smooth shaft with a round, flat head at one end.We offer our Solid Silver Rivets that are good conductors of electricity.
  • Solid Contact Rivets

    Solid Contact Rivets

    Deliver punctually, quailty assurance ,Independent design of mould, timely feedback,Instead of customer testing,Analysis of priduct composition.

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