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Contact Assemblies

  • High-precision and flexible metal stamping factory

    High-precision and flexible metal stamping factory

    Stamping workshop SHZHJ has an independent mold R&D department and a professional team of experienced engineers. SHZHJ is well established as one of the premier precision metal stamping suppliers. Get A Quote Mold Studio Our experienced staff will work with you on all aspects of metal stamping. From design, prototyping, FAI, PPAP, low-volume production to mid- and high-volume stamping, we will manufacture components to your exact requirements. ...
  • Welding Assembly

    Welding Assembly

    Welding Assembly simulation minimizes the cost throughout different phases of product development, such as designing, manufacturing planning, try-out, and fabrication validation.
  • Riveting Assembly

    Riveting Assembly

    Contact Assemblies. SHZHJ supplies a wide range of contact assemblies produced with a number of attachment techniques. Brazed assemblies are made with furnace, induction, resistance, and torch brazing processes. Contacts can also be riveted to the contact supports. SHZHJ produces assemblies with a wide range of contact support materials and forms.

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