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Which material is good for a 30 amp relay?

In order to meet the requirements of relay current and voltage, the choice of material and size are the most important two points. We have to choose the right material, especially the material of the working face silver alloy, but also the right design of size and shape.

Taking rivets with a 3.0mm head diameter as an example, the general material AgCdO AgSnO2 can withstand a current of 20 amps, if it wants to meet 30 amps, it should use AgSnOIn203(14.5) material, or use general materials but the head diameter is increased to 4.5mm.

AgSnOIn203 material has low resistance, good electrical conductivity, good wear resistance, and better oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance in harsh environments. Therefore AgSnOIn203 is the preferred material for high-end relays especially automotive relays .

SHZHJ has the largest precious metal rivets production base in China, professional electrical engineers, and rich experience in cooperation with many companies in China and abroad, We can recommend the selection of materials according to the current and voltage requirements of customers' products. For regular customers we can also provide free rivet samples (non-special materials and sizes) . Welcome to consult us by email info@shzhj.com

Post time: Apr-08-2024

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