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  • Best Contact Material for Switch

    Best Contact Material for Switch

    The choice of contact material for switches depends on the specific application, requirements, and factors such as electrical conductivity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and cost. Different contact materials offe...
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  • What differences between AgSnO2 and AgCdO?

    What differences between AgSnO2 and AgCdO?

    AgSnO2 and AgCdO are two different materials used as contact materials. Here are the differences between the two: AgSnO2: Nontoxic material Very good and stable welding resistance and arc erosion resistance Better erosion resistance than AgCdO in the current range of 500...
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  • Properties of Contact Material AgSnO2 In2O3

    Properties of Contact Material AgSnO2 In2O3

    Silver tin indium oxide is a high-performance environmental protection precious metal contact material. This material is made by adding 3-5wt.% In2O3 into AgSnO2, so that the strength and hardness of the material are improved. Compared with AgSnO2, silver indium tin oxide has stronger resistance ...
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  • Classification and characteristics of low voltage switch

    Classification and characteristics of low voltage switch

    Low voltage switch (low voltage circuit breaker) is also called automatic air switch or automatic air circuit breaker. It integrates control and multiple protection functions. When the line is working normally, it is used as a power switch to turn on and off the circuit....
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  • What is contact rivet?

    What is contact rivet?

    A contact rivet is a type of electrical contact that is used to connect two or more electrical conductors together. It is a small metal component that is designed to be inserted into a hole or slot in the conductors and then crimped or soldered in place. ...
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  • What is the difference between Material AgCdO and AgSnO2In2O3?

    What is the difference between Material AgCdO and AgSnO2In2O3?

      AgCdO and AgSnO2In2O3 are both types of electrical contact materials used in switches, relays, and other electronic devices. However, they have different compositions and properties. AgCdO is a silver-based contact material that contains a small amount of cadmium oxide. It is commonly use...
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  • Factors Affecting the Price of Silver

    Silver is a special precious metal with dual properties of commodity and finance. Supply side: 1.Production:  (1) Silver inventory: There are currently about 137,400 tons of spot silver in the world, and is still growing at a rate of about 2% every year.  (3) Silver mining: the cost of silver min...
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    On Wednesday (November 9), LME silver maintained a volatile trend within the trading day. It opened at $21.29 per ounce today, the highest touched $21.46 per ounce, and the lowest touched $21.27 per ounce. As of press time, the silver price was reported at $21.30 per ounce, a decline https://www...
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  • The characteristics, types, applications and development of rivets

    Riveting a nail-shaped object with a cap on one end: in riveting, a riveted part connected by its own deformation or interference.There are many kinds of rivets and they are informal in form. Types and applications of rivets: Commonly used are R type rivet, fan rivet, blind rivet, tree rivet, hal...
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  • The determination of rivet diameter, length and aperture

    When rivet, if rivet diameter is too large, upsetting forming is more difficult, easy to make sheet metal deformation.On the contrary, if the diameter of the rivet is too small, the strength of the rivet is insufficient, resulting in the increase of the number of rivets and the inconvenience of c...
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  • Composite silver contact details

    Composite silver contacts broadly refer to the electrical and electronic electrical electrical opening and closing, the intersection of separation and touch, because the metal conductor terminalinthery in the moment of touch simply produces instant heat and sparks, prompting its touch point in th...
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  • Silver Alloy Performance Improvement

    Silver alloy performance improvement Silver is extremely soft and easy to process. In order to improve its strength and hardness and increase its wear resistance, people have long added copper to silver to make silver-copper alloys, which are used in jewelry, tableware and silver coins. In order ...
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