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What differences between AgSnO2 and AgCdO?

AgSnO2 and AgCdO are two different materials used as contact materials. Here are the differences between the two:


Nontoxic material

Very good and stable welding resistance and arc erosion resistance

Better erosion resistance than AgCdO in the current range of 500 ~ 3000 A

Shows better welding resistance than AgCdO and AgNi under lamp load and capacitive load

Excellent resistance to welding

High burnout resistance

Non-toxic and environmentally friendly


Composite construction

Approximate resistance to welding

Generally used under the condition of large current

AgSnO2 is considered a more promising contact material and is being increasingly used as a replacement for AgCdO due to its non-toxicity, excellent performance, and environmental friendliness.

Post time: Jul-13-2023

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