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Properties of Contact Material AgSnO2 In2O3

Silver tin indium oxide is a high-performance environmental protection precious metal contact material.

This material is made by adding 3-5wt.% In2O3 into AgSnO2, so that the strength and hardness of the material are improved. Compared with AgSnO2, silver indium tin oxide has stronger resistance to arc burning and welding, and has better resistance to material transfer under DC load conditions.

It is suitable for medium and large-capacity AC contactors (such as CJ20, CJ40, 3TF series, etc.), high-power AC switches (above 50kW), DC contactors, AC-DC power relays, automotive electrical appliances and small and medium-capacity low-voltage circuit breakers. Especially it’s widely used in automotive relays.

However, silver indium tin oxide also has disadvantages. Its hardness is higher than that of AgSnO2, so the contact resistance is larger than that of AgSnO2; it is expensive and the material cost is relatively large.

 SHZHJ’s silver tin indium oxide material mainly adopts internal oxidation method and chemical coating method, which has a longer lifetime. Please contact info@shzhj.com for more informations.

Post time: Jul-03-2023

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