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Composite silver contact details

Composite silver contacts broadly refer to the electrical and electronic electrical electrical opening and closing, the intersection of separation and touch, because the metal conductor terminalinthery in the moment of touch simply produces instant heat and sparks, prompting its touch point in the multi-frequency process of use, simple oxidation and electrolysis, so its touch point increased thickening,

Or made from polymer metals (both copper and silver), so this touch point made of polymer icing, or the same data to thicken the point called composite silver contact.

The characteristics of composite silver contacts are, increase the frequency of use of conductors, increase touch, enhance the performance of conductors.

Use Composite silver contacts are widely used in the production of electrical and electronic appliances, such as switches, relays, and cross pointful points in conductive lines, etc. , the main use of riveted silver dot machine to rivet it on the terminals of each accessory.

Post time: Nov-13-2020

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