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Application Of Silver Alloy

The main applications of silver alloys are:

(1) Silver-based solder, mainly based on silver-copper-zinc alloy-based alloy series, such as AgCuZn series, AgCuZnCd series, AgCuZnNi series; silver

Nickel alloy, silver copper alloy;

An alloy containing 90% silver and 10% copper is called currency silver, and has a melting point of 875 ° C; an alloy containing 80% silver and 20% copper is called fine silver, and has a melting point of 814 ° C; The alloy of cadmium is called silver flux, and its melting point is greater than 600 ℃. Mainly used for metal products with high connection strength requirements.

(2) Silver-based contact materials mainly include silver-copper alloys (AgCu3, AgCu7.5), silver-cadmium oxide alloys, and silver-nickel alloys;

(3) Silver-based resistance material, silver-manganese-tin alloy has moderate resistance coefficient, low temperature coefficient of resistance, small thermoelectric potential for copper, and can be used as standard resistance and potentiometer winding materials; Silver-cadmium alloy;

(4) Silver-based electroplating materials, commonly used are silver-tin alloys AgSn3 ~ 5, AgPb0.4 ~ 0.7, AgPd3 ~ 5, etc .;

(5) Silver-based dental material, silver amalgam alloy, also known as amalgam, is a kind of alloy formed by reaction of mercury with silver as a solvent and silver, copper, tin and zinc as an alloy. Silver amalgam AgxHg, brittle solid with white unevenness. Its composition varies with the formation temperature; Ag13Hg (445 ℃), Ag11Hg (357 ℃), Ag4Hg (302 ℃), AgHg2 (less than 300 ℃).

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