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Gold and silver alloy wire, sterling silver wire and copper wire, which is better

Hello, Welcome to Shanghai ZHJ Technologies CO.,Ltd.it is better if there are no conductors of the three materials.

The amount of low-frequency copper wire is slightly larger, and the amount of high-frequency is relatively small, which will make the vertical sound field three-dimensional and have the best sense of atmosphere;

The silver wire has a large amount of high frequency and relatively low frequency. The horizontal sound field is large and the vertical sound field is small. It sounds transparent, and it is easy to produce a sense of surprise in the ear;

Gold and silver alloys, usually 99% pure silver + 1% gold, continue the characteristics of high-frequency bright and transparent silver wire, and the low frequency is slightly less than copper wire, and slightly more than silver wire, the cost is more expensive.

Although the cost of the three materials is expensive or cheap, the sound is not good or bad, so don’t talk about the price on the wire.

Only with your own headphones, and your listening habits, including the style of songs you listen to daily, choose the right wire is the wise choice. It is also important to choose a reliable wire shop to ensure that the real materials and good workmanship are available.

Post time: Nov-13-2020